Our Sadler 34

No Longer "The Project" but Working Well!

Cuchulainn on her Mooring at Cargreen

Our Sadler 34, Cuchulainn, was launched for the first time after our purchase on Fri 18 Jul 14, amid a fanfare of lapping water, a trip down the river from Totnes to Dartmouth finishing with a naming ceremony that involved drinking quite a bit of Jameson's Whiskey and putting some onto her deck. She started as a "WRECK" became a "PROJECT" in 2014 and is now a solid working sailboat!
More is on the blog under that date in the Archive.
Our previous boat, a Rival 41C, was the subject of our previous blog. However, as an ocean-going yacht, we decided for medical reasons for the skipper, this was not a viable option and she was sold to a lovely couple and is moored near Portsmouth. Please give her and them a wave if you see the boat now named Sally of Hamble.

In 2015, we sailed to North Brittany, but went "around the corner" to meet up with our son's family and sailing friends.

Over 2015/16 winter, Cuchulainn was in a shed at Boating World while we removed every peice off the deck, ground back the rubbish paint and some of the rubbish gelcoat. The next phase was filling all the holes and stuff that was left to create a fair surface for 3 coats of epoxy paint, followed by 4 coats of 2-pack polyurethane paint plus a final layer of non-slip granules added to the paint.

Now, she is back on the water.

In 2016, we managed local sailing and our hopes for sailing further were dashed by circumstances; they included the weather and family events. Everything that we done is on our blog: so please follow this link to get there.
In 2018, we are planning to sail to the North coast of France.