The (new) Cuchulainn Website

now a Sadler 34

aka "THE Project"!

Cuchulainn is a Sadler 34; we changed the name because we liked the name of our previous boat - a Rival 41C and we wanted to keep our website address and eMail addresses.

Sadler 34 Image
Dimension Size
Length Overall 10.6m
Waterline Length 8.5m
Beam 3.3m
Draft (shallow fin) 1.42m
Displacement 5,800 kg
Ballast 2,270 kg
Fuel 105 litres
Water 200 litres
Mainsail 21.7 sq m
Genoa 39.6 sq m

Boat's Name
The origin of our boat's name: Cuchulainn (also spelled Cú Chulainn, Cú Chulaind, Cúchulain, or Cuchullain);
the Hound of Ulster is an Irish mythological hero who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as in Scottish and Manx folklore.
The son of the god Lugh and Deichtine, sister of the king of Ulster, he was originally named Sétanta, but gained his better-known name as a child after he killed Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence, and offered to take its place until a replacement could be reared. At the age of seventeen he defended Ulster single-handedly against the armies of Queen Medb of Connacht in the epic Táin Bó Cúailnge ("The Cattle Raid of Cooley"). It was prophesied that his great deeds would give him everlasting fame, but that his life would be short - one reason he is compared to the Greek hero Achilles. He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy, in which he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. He fights from his chariot, driven by his loyal charioteer Láeg, and drawn by his horses, Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend.

So now you know! Aren't you glad that you asked!